Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney
Is Your Debt Out of Control?

If you are reading this, you may be one of thousands of people in Nevada, who may be facing insurmountable debt, and you may be considering bankruptcy and are  looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas.

You are likely suffering from some of the problems below:

  • Costly Medical Bills
  • Laid off from your job
  • Divorce
  • Death of your spouse
  • Gambling addiction
  • Business failure
  • Increase in your adjustable-rate mortgage

As a result of the above you may encounter stress, depression and a feeling of hopelessness. The stress that you are feeling is frequently accompanied by the following common events:

  • Collectors call you at home, work, and at all times of the night collecting a bill that you cannot pay for.
  • Lawsuits being filed against you, by creditor attorneys, for past-due bills.
  • Fear that you will have your wages garnished, and your checking or savings account will be frozen. (In Nevada up to 25% of your gross wages can be garnished)
  • Fear that your car will be repossessed.
  • The overriding fear of foreclosure because you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, and the lender may refuse to work out a repayment for the past and current mortgage payments that are owed.

You have come to the right place as I am a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney who’ll explain your legal options and start you on your way to getting a fresh start. As a bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, I can help you with the above and other difficulties caused by uncontrollable debt.

Through a Las Vegas bankruptcy, we can likely get you a fresh start. Through bankruptcy, you will be given the opportunity rebuild your net worth, free yourself of the emotional turmoil caused by overwhelming debt. Furthermore, bankruptcy will give you a financial second chance and the ability to reestablish your credit rating.

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