These are a series of nine introductory bankruptcy videos produced by the US Bankruptcy court. It should be mandatory viewing for all that are contemplating bankruptcy. It is recommended, so you’ll be able to make an educated decision, that you watch these videos before you go to your first bankruptcy consultation.
These videos address the following topics:

Video 1: An Introduction To Bankruptcy-The title is self-explanatory.

Video 2: The Different Types of Bankruptcies-A consumer will most likely file either file a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. A chapter 7 and 13 both have their advantages and disadvantages, and this video will give you an overview of what chapter you may want to file.

Video 3: The Limitations Of Bankruptcy-Bankruptcy is not a solution for all consumer problems and is not for everyone.

Video 4: How To File For Bankruptcy-The title is self-explanatory.

Video 5: The Creditors or 341 Meeting-This will likely be your only trip to the bankruptcy court. So, this video will give you an overview of what to expect.

Video 6: Bankruptcy Crimes-Bankruptcy fraud is a serious federal crime. This video explains the various infractions that could make invalidate your discharge or even send you to jail.

Video 7: Bankruptcy Court Hearing- You’ll likely not go in front of a judge when filing bankruptcy. But, if you do, this is a helpful video.

Video 8: The Bankruptcy Discharge-A discharge grants you relief from most of your debts. This video describes the bankruptcy discharge.

Video 9: Why You Would Need A Lawyer-Granted, as a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer, I’m biased. But, bankruptcy law is quite complex. This video describes the various ways pro se (people filing without a lawyer) can potentially get themselves in trouble.

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