Welcome to The Sin City Lawyer!

This blog is run and maintained by Jon Martin, a Las Vegas Bankruptcy attorney. The goal of this blog is twofold: To provide encouragement for readers who are concerned about overwhelming debt and to help people stay out of debt.

I will share tips and from my personal and legal experience in bankruptcy, business, self-development, and more! The Sin City Lawyer was created to guide you on the right path to gaining financial freedom.

What’ll you find on The Sin City Lawyer:

  1. Bankruptcy: Filing bankruptcy is many situations is the right path for you to take. But, filing bankruptcy should not be considered lightly. So, I’ll give you information on bankruptcy; so, you can decide on whether or not bankruptcy is the right path for you to take.
  2. Life After Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy does last ten years on your credit report. However, you can build your credit up after the discharge. ‘
  3. Entrepreneurship
    I’ll analyze, interview, and give you my insights on working for yourself, which includes not only CYA steps; but also interviews with various entrepreneurs.
  4. Much More!
    I’ll keep you updated on what I find interesting. It’ll be primarily focused on Vegas. But, from time to time, I’ll venture out of Clark County.